Urban Cultivations + Global Movements

UPENN Fall 2008
Design Studio III

We are in possibly one of the most extravagant moments of experiencing the ‘global lifestyle’. Across the world, the words, luxury, service and lifestyle, have become synonymous with global living. This ‘lifestyle’ can travel with any individual from place to place across the globe via an emergent programmatic identity: The ‘Lifestyle Hotel’. This ‘Lifestyle Hotel’ provides long and short stay occupations as well as permanent residences combined with luxury programs of different grades depending on your status such as infinity pools, concierge, conference /meeting facilities, basketball courts, party lounges and media screening halls as well as private sky gardens and dog runs. Admittedly a venue of ‘excess’, the program is slowly becoming a generic footprint around the globe as it enjoys immense popularity.

Conversely, we are in a time of gastronomic crisis; many heritage foods that are coveted are being lost, food seed banks are being built as future resources, and distribution of ‘exotic’ foods is becoming more and more expensive as fuel costs rise. Across the globe growing food crisis spreads without solution. On average, food travels 1500 miles from field to fork in the US.

The objectives of this studio are to investigate, analyze, and produce new relationships emergent from and within two currently contending programs; a global generic program of a luxury service hotel with a specifically local urban agricultural slow food movement.

We will seek to identify these relationships early in the semester within the contexts of the programs which emanate in the combined efforts and specific venues such as market place, restaurant or individual ‘victory gardens’.

Student: Kristen Smith

Student: Kristen Smith