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Tina Manis, Associates, LLC is a design practice dedicated to redefining the common perception of beauty in the built form. By facilitating the complex process of exploring spatial relationships of habitation relative to the programmatic, physical and economic boundaries of each project, we create unique spaces in all environments through the inventive management of these resources. Our exploration is not only the architectural presence within the immediate context, but also its presence in global, urban and regional settings; scales from the most infinite to the most intimate.

Tina has vast experience from working on various scaled projects while working with Richard Rogers Partnership in London (now Rogers, Stirk, Harbour) as well as Rem Koolhaas at Office For Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam. She has lived abroad in London - UK, Rotterdam - The Netherlands, Osaka - Japan, Firenze - Italy, and has derived unique experience from each environment as well as from her home city in California, San Francisco and her 'wunderlust' for travel abroad. 

Tina Manis also co-chairs the Rosa Vera Fund, a Not-For-Profit medical fund in Montero Bolivia. The RVF mission is threefold: to provide preventative, medical and/or social interventions for the children of Montero, Bolivia; to provide training and stipends to local women and men to serve as community healthcare workers; and to award educational scholarships to select health workers.