TED Conferences HQ NY

In honor of the ubiquitous 'Throwback Thursday' theme,  I'm reflecting today on the wonderful opportunities I've had working with great clients in creating unique and exciting spaces for them;  the TED team for one,  during the making of TED's first HQ offices in New York.

Working with this amazing group of extremely talented people has a way in pushing your talents to new places; a challenge we all need....Doubling up on the throwback point, an old friend from GSAPP Grad School pinged me out of the blue saying the recent publication on the project 'made her flight'; the project had made its way in the Delta in-flight magazine 'SKY'.... Needless to say I was happily surprised; she loved the color,  strategy of space and was excited to see that I was behind it.

THANK YOU 'Throwback Thursdays' and especially to all my great clients, past and present for giving me these opportunities to showcase my passion in design.