stage one complete!

We are very excited to announce that today we have received a long awaited prototype for our lighting project! We aren't allowed to give a full preview, however, a sneak peek could never hurt, could it?

3 things to say about it: 1) it is 3d printed within a space of material that would other wise be waste - i.e. thrown away 2) its printed in multiples to maximize the use of the wasted material (think matryoshka dolls) and 3) it synthesizes the use of traditional and cutting edge fabrication techniques.


So keep checking back to see how our Nido Light evolves, we are soon to disclose the whole series as well as a sectional sofa, too.

There is No Planet 'B'....

Sunday was big - the Peoples Climate March drew a crowd near 400,000 impassioned people in New York City . I was lucky to join my friends and their daughter with my son - we were all amazed at the crowd.

About a month ago, I told my son I wanted to take him to this event, he asked 'What difference will it make, people marching?'  I reminded him of the March on Washington and of the voice of Rosa Parks, the Protests for Peace against the Vietnam War and the voice of Harvey Milk. All those movements impacted history - though we still struggle through them - and all of them created a tide for change.  Change is good and though our planet doesn't speak our words, it shows us just how detrimental the affects of Climate Change, really are.  All of those who marched before us, gave us a better, more tolerant, accepting world to grow in. I told him too that both he and I and everyone we knew, were beneficiaries of the positive affects of change.

He was convinced. He was excited. He wanted to make change. He joined the Model UN club at school. 

I've never considered myself an activist but I've been considered a strong voice;  I am passionate in believing we have an obligation to teach our children how to speak their voice to incite change and stand up for our beliefs and rights; especially in regards to caring for our planet. It doesn't take much and many single voices equals many, and many can make a positive impact towards change. Nothing is overnight and everything is a process, but the more we speak, the better our chances of being heard. 

At the march, there were some strong voices;  'if its melted, its ruined', 'there is no Planet B', 'Global Warming is a National Security Threat' and more. However, the one that affected me most deeply was the elderly couple who's simple sign read 'we took the train from Los Angeles' was that important to them to be there, to be heard, to be part of making change.

Monday Madness

Below is a shot of one of the last summer nights we’ll be enjoying, fall is rapidly approaching and the days are growing shorter. But Fall brings change and change is good, very good!  


First, a heart felt congratulations to the new Dean of GSAP,  Amale Andros, who will bring a fresh and inspiring start to the  Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University. She is an wonderful colleague and friend and I know she will be a great leader for the students.

Today was spent madly wrapping up the syllabus for Parson’s Interior Design studio which begins tomorrow and should prove to be provocative, least of all challenging for the students. We’ll keep you posted as the semesters progresses.

Lastly, since Fall is the time for switching up things, we’ve also been making some positive changes to the website branding to better represent the aspirations of work we do. Keep checking back and keep us posted by sending comments via email, twitter or our new Instagram page tina_manis, while we are thinking about all the great things change brings!

Friday's thought:

We’ve been on the silent front for a while but there ’s been a lot of great things going on in the office and exciting projects are on the horizon. New collaborations, lighting/furniture design and upcoming pop up event space. HINT, we are playing with patterns in nature and Italian craftsmanship.

So far the summer has been extremely busy; I was lucky enough to get away to Maine even though there was work to do but how lovely the evening view... 


Maine View.jpg

Finally with the help of lovely Rose, we are up and running on Instagram so don’t forget to check us out @Tina_Manis. We promise we’ll post.

A humble shout out to Ban

My own silent congrats to Shiguru Ban for winning the 2014 Pritzker Prize; long over due in my estimation. 

Ban has shown us the true meaning of 'simple'; something that has not been witnessed with such finesse and such humility for decades (thinking Mies, of course). Through his public and domestic constructions  - Ban has transcended the known experiences of architectural expectations, elevating spatial manifestations into didactic realms of beauty, function and simplicity. 

Thank you Ban: simply put, 'you ROCK'!

Up and running...!

Finally, after some time, our website is back! Thanks to the wonderful Erica Heinz; after our Rackspace server cloud 'imploded' which lost all images, back ups and content of the website, she patiently worked to construct this for us. As time continues, It will amend, revise and update as we move along but so thankful that we have representation once again. I can't think of a better way to start the eve of spring...and on that note, a favorite image from my recent trip to Fez.

Fez - 12 century tannery